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Triangulum Capital is a private investment office focussed on Structuring, Private Placements and Early Stage Investments.  



Triangulum Capital SA is a Swiss private investment office with a global reach. We consult select clients on strategic and financial transactions, as well as major investment decisions.

Triangulum Capital delivers innovative strategic investment solutions through a selected offering of investment and structuring professionals to institutional and qualified individual investors.

Triangulum has partners and associates in Amsterdam, London, Madrid, Monaco, New York and Paris.



Triangulum Capital combines market knowledge with the firm’s institutional expertise in financial structures and asset management. Thus, we offer access and selection to highly specialised managers and specialty consultants.


We create transparent capital structures and value optimisation strategies for our investors to enhance their portfolio risk-return ratio.



Triangulum services are solely aimed at institutionalised investor; investors that have the necessary experience to engage in this area of investment management. We often have the high net worth individual investor at heart when designing specialised investment products.


Our firm has a great tradition in delivering highly specialised institutional investment solutions to the private investor through their advisors, our clients. Triangulum is organised in three divisions.

Structuring agents

Private placements

Early stage investments

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